Saturday, March 21, 2015

So I type, again. And better, I cook, too

So here I am, again.
Couldn't get a job and getting bored alone in the house in daytime, I was thinking of what should I do to spare my time.
Many friends left Toulouse, for their internship or for their job.

I have been doing nothing since I last came back from Malaysia, almost 2 months since.
My boyfriend bought me a camera when I came back, nothing professional though, since I'm still a beginner, and other dslr cameras are quite expensive, for us, at least.

So I have been thinking for weeks, what should I do to make the time valuable.

So I took classes, to learn Hadoop, but I gave up after taking the introduction of Hadoop and the mapreduce courses because I realised that, with my laptop, I can't really practice it.
So I watched videos, to learn an interactive data visualization software, Tableau.

To be frank, they didn't really interest me, except the introductions, because I'm not sure if I'm going to use these softwares in the future. Seriously, the life is more boring than ever when you don't know what person will you be, what you need to learn, what you really want, and what you need.

I was literally LOST.

And then, I started to think (or rather tried hard to reflect of) what I like to do. And suddenly something popped out, COOKING. Ya, I remembered once I had wanted to be a chef (and I still think that I will be in the future. Don't laugh at me!).
So I started to cook, for my boy and for my own pleasure.

Thus, I started cooking, only fancy things though, with the recipes I found on internet, oriental and western. Foods that I had never tried to cook before. I had always did bakings like cheesecakes, brownies, yogurt cakes, cookies, pear chocolat cakes, tarts, &c. &c. But for cooking, I had always cooked what I already knew how to cook.

I made stewed beef, pastas, lasagnas, beef steak (trust me, it's not as easy as what you think when it come to controlling the cooking degrees),and some french dishes. Then I cooked some honey-roasted porc, char siew, cantonese roasted duck, claypot rice, pickled chinese cabbage with porc 酸菜扣肉, and some other chinese dishes.

Then I thought, why don't I capture these dishes with my camera?

Without professional skills, the photos are not as good as what I wanted they to be.

One day my bf bought us an entire duck. I learned how to cook magret de canard. Again, it's not easy, especially to control the cooking degree. My bf and I like the duck to be cooked with still a little bit red in the middle of the magret. ( they is no such best cooking degree, for duck, so for beef. It depends on how you like to eat). Since I couldn't cut it all the times to check if it's done, I have followed the advices on the internet, saying to make the skin crunchy by cooking the salt-and-peppers seasoned duck breast on a really hot pan for 5 minutes each side then 10 minutes in the oven with 200 degree celcius. Then I have prepared a simple sauce with balsamic vinegar. With the duck breast, I cooked some simple seasoned quinoa and salades. I didn't want to make something which might influence the taste of the duck breast. I like its own taste.

So it looked like this

We completed the meal with a bottle of wine. Nothing expensive though. A haut medoc 2011 from bordeaux. They went quite well along.

Then we bought a whole chicken. I had so many ideas with the chicken, and first came in my mind, the white chicken rice. I have always loved the boiled chicken, for both its taste and its texture. I knew it's not that easy to make it, to have it cooked and tender, without making it dry. So I kept looking of different advices online. 
Here what I have done. I put ginger slices, chopped green onions and the chicken in a pot of water, entire covering the chicken and boiled it after putting the lid on. 1 minute after it's boiled, I turned off the hob, without removing the pot nor the lid. After 5 minutes waiting, I remove the chicken and colded it with tap water ( have in mind that the tap water here is cold, I didn't need iced-water.) When it's entirely cold, I put it again in the pot,  boiled it again for 3 minutes this time (my chicken is quite small, so I don't need to cook long), and waited for 10 minutes with the hob off. 
While waiting, I prepared a sauce with soy sauce, sesame oil, oyster sauce, sweet soy sauce, peppers and the chicken soup.
Again, I colded the chicken down and cut it into small pieces. Surprisingly, it's so easy to cut it. 
I then use the chicken oil and chicken soup to cook the rice.
The rice looked perfectly cooked with the oil. And it's indeed tasty.

Looks delicious huh?
I think I had over cooked it, by waiting 10 minutes at the last step, because my chicken is pretty small. Hmm, will try 5 minutes next time. My bf was surprised that the breasts are not dry at all, but I had tasted better. Will try again next time.

So here come the problem, I had a pot of chicken soup. What should I do with it? Knowing that there is no more chicken, so it would be too plain to put in vegetables and make it a soup. Then I remembered something I loved to eat, especially when I was sick. Ta da, chicken porridge, with some mushrooms and eggs.

A small tip for the porridge: put the washed rice to the fridge the night before you cook the porridge, it will make the porridge like mine--sticky and thick.

Voila, what I cooked this week. Like what I said at the beginning, nothing difficult, only what I like. I love the original taste of ingredients.=)

(n.n)xin ni(u.u)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

do you still remember? 你还记得吗?

There was a place, where I could note what i had done.
It was this place, where I could moan how much i wanted.
It was still this place, where I can review something i have already forgotten.

It was a period, when I wrote down everything i had done and every sentiment i had.
It was this period, when I wanted so much to tell the world what was in my thinking.
It was still this period, when I have grown up the most.

But in few days, this place will be closed, this period will be forgotten.
Today, i have decided to read every post i have written and every comment i've got.
I could back up everything but I'm not going to do this.
The blog is too saddening, too naive and too much of moanings.







梦中 我失去了你
梦醒 我依然没拥有你
梦中 爱情走了
梦醒 爱没来过

该留在梦中 或快些清醒

梦里梦外 你都不是我的。



风 不孤单。
孤单的风 有谁陪伴?

上个季节 没有来。


(n.n)xin ni(u.u)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


i know the endless separations are parts of our life,I know every separation means another beginning in our life.but i still cant help being emo and sad every time i look at the back of someone and wonder when will we see each other again. Will we still be the same? will we need to find some topics to discuss about so that we won't be awkward? Will I be our 'hi-bye' friend or even a stranger?

The room..where i've said a few times of 'goodbye and goodluck'
The corridor..where i've heard the sound of the heavy footsteps heading to an uncertain future.
The door..where i was able to have a last glance at the ones who were heading to the lift.
The bed..where I've let the long hidden tears to get out from my painful eyes.
How many times i told myself to be proud of them
How many times i told myself don't be sad.
How many times i told myself it's ok.
How many times i felt my cheeks were wet with tears.
Tears will stop dropping,life must keep going.we will meet again,the day it should be.
Make your own way and i will be here supporting you.
our roads will cross again one day just like how they crossed when we first met.

The cold night, the sick boyfriend, the naughty cat, the only left, emo me....
'baby,it's ok.i understand your feeling.'
'no,u don't.the feeling of losing a family and you dont know where to go when u'r lost.'

(n.n)xin ni(u.u)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

holiday began with a weekend in Barcelona

 it was a rainy day in toulouse,but a sunny day in barcelona.
we departed about 11 o'clock in the morning and we reached there at about 2pm.Although it's a sunny day,it was still cold,well,we were at the end of autumn.

after having a picnic lunch in the hostel,we went to the town.

it was crowded since there was x'mas soon,everyone was out to buy presents.

were we lost??

it was so tempting.. but since it was so cold,we decided not to eat ice-cream

 yummy yummy!are u tempted too?
 we went to the cathedral (accidentally,since we wanted to go to sangrada familia and we did a mistake)
we had a 'teatime' at 7pm in a cafe and i had a really good hot chocolat (no photos since aurelie is the one who took those photos,may be ll upload again when i see here)
 after few hours of walking,we found a nice restaurant for a dinner.of course,we took a menu of tapas!
 patatas bravas,although i know it's just fried potatoes but still,i love it
 aubergine (it's the 1st time i tried,it was so delicious,the aubergine was so sweet,and the spices they used didn't make the aubergine lose its original taste)
fried chicken(actually it was not that special)
lentils (it didn't look nice but it did really taste good!)  
 meatballs (well,u know what is meatball)
after the dinner we went to a bar with our friend,nicolas,who is studying in barcelona.
we drank some nice sangria and we went back to hostel at about 1am.this is the end of the 1st day.

the next day,we were like all the tourists.
we went to parc de joan miro, botanic parc.....

a lunch in a small restaurant,it's difficult to find a restaurant on sunday

a nice picture taken in the parc de guell
we went to sangrada familia,we took a dinner,i had a paella and we went back to hostel since i needed to wake up early in the morning for my flight.
well,we did play cards before going to bed.

my last meal in barcelona,a nice breakfast in hostel
this is the end of my weekend in barcelona.
holiday continued in karlsruhe,germany

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Monday, October 17, 2011

梁静茹-情歌 cover

we actually practiced this song for spectacle de semaine internationale (performance of international's week).but i can't find the video for the moment,so i post this cover 1st=)

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Friday, September 2, 2011


不想走  其实很想留



我    一个人飘向远方。

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5 more to go!!!!!

aja aja!!!!5 more exams to go...
5 in the same week..hmm..need to find a strategy to study then!

since when i'm scared of this kind of exams???i've changed...


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Sunday, May 22, 2011



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Tuesday, May 10, 2011



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Thursday, May 5, 2011

paques 2011

Paques mean easter day in France.
the holiday started with the giant chocolate egg from my bf.

on 23rd April,chin tee,zhilei and I took a plane to Bruxelles. (i was so scared when the plane was landing because the pilot decelerated suddenly,i had the feeling that our plane was going to crash)Finally we reached Bruxelles safely and we went to hostel immediately and here we met our 4th member of the trip LIU YUFEI,a friend of zhilei.then,we went to downtown to meet our dear WILI,YONG CHANG and our new friend,JIAWEI!!i was so happy that they could come to travel with us.

the 1st and 2nd day,we walked around in Bruxelles and the 3rd day in Luxembourg.I don't really know what i have visited because i was keep chatting with others and was trying to appreciate every moment that we were together.On Monday,3 of them left Luxembourg to Paris.The difference was so obvious and that night,I felt a bit down because this might be the last time we travel together.

Well,the trip still went on.We went to Amsterdam the next day and for the first time,I went to SEX MUSEUM!!!!!There are some nice photos or paintings and some funny comics,however the others made feel bad,some even made me feel nausea.After dinner,we went to RED LIGHT DISTRICT (an 'EXCITING' day huh =P) We walked around and when back to our caravan.

The next day,we started our day by visiting Anne Frank House.A place who made me sad the whole day,until now,i'm sad once i read the diary that i bought or articles concerned.Just because she was a Jews, she needed to hide with her family for 2 years.They couldn't talk normally,they could walk everywhere,they couldn't see their friends and family,they couldn't go to school,they couldn't even flush the toilet!!and they thought that they were so lucky!(so how lucky we are now compared with them) after 2 years of hiding,we were betrayed by don't-know-who and dead not long after that except her father.I hadn't known much about this before,thus i bought a 60th edition of her diary.This is the most important thing that i've learnt during the trip.

 On the same day,we went to Keukenhov,a big big big garden where we can see a lot of flowers!(especially Tulips)Kuaci and I tried to take some nice photos.Unfortunately,the field which was supposed to be colorful (the field that u could see in most of the post cards) was fully green.

We went to windmill village the last day we were in amsterdam.In the village,there is a cheese's shop where we had our lunch!(because we could test every cheese.)

the night we reached bruxelles,it was a rainy day.Kuaci and I were so happy when we found the hostel.1st,because we didn't need to walk in the rain,2nd,the hostel was just like a house,even more like a house than my house=P.We went to instrumental museum in Bruxelles and we bought a lot of chocolates.

And we went back to Toulouse on the 30th.The night of 30th,i took a night train to my bf's house.What a tiring journey huh?

ps: pls belief me that i was the one who took those flowers' photos with my canon IXUS 90IS but not a DSLR!

(n.n)xin ni(u.u)